Another learning lab stuck on "your repository is being set up" problem introduction to github

I installed the gitlabs app, tried to install the first “introduction to github” training. It froze on the “your repository is getting set up page”. I went and saw I had a new repository. I uninstalled it. I then uninstalled gitlabs and it says “your request has been sent” or similar. How long does that take? Now it thinks I have started this course and it won’t allow me to delete it and start over. Nothing I do gets that tutorial repository back. If I click on “learn more” it just takes me to the repository being setup page. If I try to click on “start: assign yourself” it goes to a 404 page. But it gave that same error even when I had all the tutorial files in the repsository. When I am off that page and look at its tab, I see it spinning like it is trying to communicate with something. I click on the page and in the browser status bar it looks like it is trying to ge info from Interestingly, I was able to create another tutorial that seemed to work. Now I am in limbo because I don’t know if I can reinstall gitlabs yet since it implied someone or something was waiting to uninstall it from my requst. Thanks for any help