Announcing the Community Forum Advisory Council

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In October 2017 we launched this space, the GitHub Community Forum. A place to bring together new and experienced developers, partners, students, and employees alike, and cultivate a culture of collaboration and collective learning. Fast forward to 2021, where we not only have over 145,000 active members in our community but also a thriving group of individuals who routinely go above and beyond to help others be successful. They are invested in the success of others, and we recognize and appreciate their shared stewardship of the GitHub Community.

As such, we are proud to announce our Community Advisory Council: an opportunity for the top engaged and most impactful members of the GitHub Community Forum to have a direct impact on the future of its space. We recognize these members for sharing their knowledge, finding solutions, pushing the boundaries of open-source learning, and maintaining a welcoming atmosphere for others to be a part of.

Mission Statement of the Advisory Council

  • To build the Community alongside community members gaining insight and feedback to improve the future of the Community Forum

What does the Advisory Council do?

Our Advisory Council members will have access to the GitHub Community Forum team and opportunities to connect with various other GitHub teams to provide insights and feedback. The main purpose is to inform the GitHub Community Forum team driving a community where we can all thrive.

The members act as a sounding board as well as an extension of our internal team to keep a pulse on the community at large.

Meet the Current Advisory Council

We have been working with a select group of top-engaged community members since 2018 when we first saw individuals go above and beyond. At that moment, we knew we needed to create a space for collaboration to build this Community alongside its members. Prior to today, they were working hard in the background and joined by invite only. However, as the Community matures, we want to publicly recognize their efforts and make space for more exciting growth opportunities.

You may have seen these folks around, check out this post where we officially introduce the current council.

Benefits of being on the council

Benefits of being on the council include but are not limited to:

  • Highlighted in the Community
  • Receive an exclusive Advisory Council badge within the Community
  • Opportunities for recognition and personal brand/career growth
  • Partner with GitHub staff on projects
  • Beta Preview - Help build the Community Forum roadmap and preview upcoming features
  • Access to Advisory Council community channels
  • Occasional thank you gifts


To be considered you must be an engaged and helpful community member that actively contributes to the Community Forum.

If this role and opportunity is something that excites you–please fill out this form and tell us more about yourself and your contributions! We are excited to meet you and keep you in mind for future council cohorts. :tada:


Cheers & congratulations to the inaugural members of the Advisory Council!! :tada: Your massive contributions to the GitHub Community and this forum are inspiring! :sparkles: Thank you @mpboom @wabri @airtower-luna @Simran-B


Love this! Thanks to everyone who is participating to make the Community thrive. :heart:


Thank you to all of your work to make this community grow day by day :heart_eyes:


Good day GitHub Community.

I just want to make a follow-up, I already submitted the application form. Thanks.


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Thanks for touching base. I will be in touch soon.


Thank you for sorting out the issue… really appreciate your effort. What an outstanding forum… Amazing

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