Annotations for unit tests - Checks

I was trying to display the annotations for my unit test. When they fail I get the below response where start line and colum
and raw details are empty. Also I dont get the actual errors in the response as well.

My annotations response after running the test:

[ { path: '.github/workflows/test.yml',  
blob\_href: 'repo...../.github/workflows/test.yml',  
start\_line: 1,  
start\_column: null,  
end\_line: 1,  
end\_column: null,  
annotation\_level: 'failure',  
title: '.github/workflows/test.yml#L1',  
message: 'Process completed with exit code 1.',  
raw\_details: null } ]  

It works for eslint errors though.

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Hi @johnsonsamuel,

Thank you for being here! As far as I know this might not be supported yet, let me do a little digging and get back to you. In the meanwhile looks like one of our user’s managed a workaround:

Well, you can see actual reply from the user :slight_smile:

“I am out of luck when a test fails which has not been changed with the current commit.”