annotations: expected UI?

Hi, I’ve created a workflow that includes a build and test phase, and intend to add a linting phase. I’m parsing the output from the various tools directly in the shell using awk, and converting them to annotations using workflow commands – which the system seems to be picking up.

However, when looking at the pull request – I don’t see much detail. The pull request simply says ‘Failing after 39s — build’ (I assume build is the step I named build) and has a ‘details’ button to see more.

Clicking the details button brings me to the ‘checks’ tab, which shows the detailed log of the run, but omits to provide a summary of the various warning or error annotations. My expectation of this page would have been that each annotation in the run would be listed, and where a filename, line and column had been provided, that annotation entry would also include a surrounding excerpt of code for which the annotation was raised.

A link to get to the detailed run log would be handy – but I wouldn’t expect it’s the first thing someone wants to see if they’ve annotate their run.

The only place I can see the annotations seems to be the ‘Files Changed’ tab, but as it’s showing file diffs (as it should) the diff highlighting gets in the way.

It seems this would be much better served by a standalone tab named ‘annotations’, listing each annotation and illustrating them with a highlighted excerpt of code where a line and column have been provided.

I understand this is possible with the heavier javascript APIs, but a lightweight alternative along these lines seems within easy reach.

@tcldr ,

You can navigate to the " This run" page of the workflow run to view the list of annotations.
On this page, there is an " Annotations" section to list all the annotations (Errors, Warnings) in the current workflow run.

Hi @brightran – thanks for the note.

I did find that page, but it seems really buried in the context of a Pull Request.

It would seem to me that if a run fails on a pull request, there should be a ‘view annotations’ button next to, or in place of, the ‘details’ button that takes you there directly.

As it is, when you click details from a PR, you are taken to a tab within the pull request that shows none of the annotations whatsoever. If you want to see them, you need to leave the PR, navigate to actions, and click on the run.

And even then, none of the annotations make use of the line and col numbers provided to show a highlighted excerpt of code in context of the PR. 

I feel the UI for that PR tab needs to much closer to this page (found in in the ‘Creating CI tests with the Checks API’ tutorial) – but with each annotation showing a highlighted code excerpt where a line, col is provided.

And instead of the ‘fix this’ button, a link to the full logs in the Action tab.

@tcldr ,

Okay, I can understand your requests.

Thanks for your feedback. GitHub takes your suggestions very seriously, and the suggestions are very helpful for improving GitHub.
I recommend you directly share your suggestion here. That will allow you to directly interact with the appropriate engineering team, and make it more convenient for the engineering team to collect and categorize your suggestions.

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