Annotation limit in UI


I’m creating and updating a check run with 100 annotations. Since the API for creating a check run is limited to 50 annotations at a time (per this doc), I’m creating a check run with the first 50 annotations and updating the previously created check run. From the update response I can see that the annotation count is as I expect: 

"output": {
        "annotations_count": 100,
        "annotations_url": "<annotation_url>",
        "summary": "My Summary",
        "text": "My Text",
        "title": "My Title"

However I noticed that both in the “Files changed” tab and the page for that check run, that only 50 annotations are shown. Is this expected behavior from the UI or am I missing something in my update call? I’m using GitHub Enterprise 2.14.10.


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Hi @gustavotabares,

Thanks for being here! And thanks for your patience, I’ve researched this issue and we’ll be able to provide you with prompt support from enterprise support directly. Please message us at Feel free to reference this post and ask for Andrea.