Android Canvas

I wanna build a app of draw images. In this app when i draw a image like right-angle triangle after this i need a value of pixels of right-angle triangle (every pixels like very corner or middle values of pixels).

For further information of app (how it’s work or what i wanna try to tell you) describe in this image.

@ammadshakoor Can you provide a little more information about what kind of help you are looking for on this? Perhaps you could rephrase your question so that others know a bit more clearly how they could best help. Thank you!

Override the method of OnTouchEvent().

In this event,

i want the values of motion_down,motion_up,left or right when event.getAction is fire i need the values of pixels thans darw by paint .

My actually project is to draw image or pattern and read the pixels of the drawable image and sent this pixels throung bluetooth connection with aurdino board to controll the robo car.