android build tools 29.0.2

Our gradle build on ubuntu-18.04 fails because build tools 29.0.2 is not installed and we don’t have permission to install. Any plans to update the software on ubuntu?

Preparing "Install Android SDK Build-Tools 29.0.2 (revision: 29.0.2)".
FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
Warning: Failed to read or create install properties file.
* What went wrong:
Could not determine the dependencies of task ':Cureatr:testDevReleaseUnitTest'.
> Failed to install the following SDK components:
build-tools;29.0.2 Android SDK Build-Tools 29.0.2
The SDK directory is not writable (/usr/local/lib/android/sdk)

29.0.4 is now installed

You can also install things by running with the passwordless sudo.