Android app breaks GitHub OAuth in non-Chrome browsers

Hi! I use Firefox on Android, and I’m unable to use GitHub to log into third party sites like CircleCI or Netlify. The GitHub app seems to handle the OAuth redirect, which is fine, but then it opens the callback URL in Chrome, not Firefox, which doesn’t work.

For example, logging into this site ( in Firefox results in an error page in Chrome that says “Authorization timed out, or you have switched browsers. Please try again.”

If I disable the app from handling URLs, the problem disappears.

Thanks for building and maintaining the app otherwise, it’s great!

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:wave: Welcome!

I have excellent news for you - this issue has just been fixed and should be in a beta release soon, and then production after that.

If this is a blocking issue for you and you’d like to try the beta to get the fix sooner, you can sign up here. The fix is not in the current beta release.

All the usual beta warnings apply :slight_smile: If you don’t want the beta, the fix will be in the production release soon enough.

Woo, good news indeed, thank you!

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