Analytics for Open Source Project

Is there any free hosted analytics services available open-source projects? Does Google analytics make sense here?

For code repo hosting, CI/CD, website hosting, etc. we have tools provided by GitHub itself for open-source projects. (The open-source project will be that of a macOS native application.

Sorry! if this isn’t the right place to ask

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Not sure if this 100% fits what you’re looking for, but the Linux Foundation hosts the CHAOSS project which develops metrics for open source projects, and develops and implements tools (including dashboards) that can show you analytics data on a given set of open source projects.

Here is an example analytics dashboard for grimoirelab, the open source software project that implements the dashboard. Kind of meta/inception-y actually. :grin:

There is even an open source company, Bitergia, that does consulting and might be able to host the analytics I described above for you. (full disclosure: I’ve met the founder at a conference where he introduced their work to me, but I am not a customer and have never used their services)

Hope this helps!

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Hi @penyuan! Thanks a ton for taking time and answering.
The guess CHAOSS project is providing analytics specifically on the open-source aspects
What I’m looking for is general event analytics within the application. For example, the number of clicks on a button.
In the past, for android projects, I have used firebase’s crashlytics which is now google analytics I guess.

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I see, sorry I misunderstood! :sweat_smile: Good luck with your search, and in case you find a good solution (which, IMHO, should also respect user privacy) please let us know! :grinning:

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