Analysis of creation dates of repositories of ONE company

Hi guys,

i am currently working on a research project regarding the use of open source within a special industry. 

Therefore I plan to look at the dates of creation of serveral respositories to look at the development over time.

My plan is to look at one company (e.g. Intel) and analyze the creation dates of all repositories that intel has ever created. 

After having tried for a long time a haven’t come up with a solution yet. 

Do you have any idea how I can extract the date of creation of all repositories of a firm to create a chart afterwards?

Another idea would be to look at all commits or contributors of all repositories of e.g. Intel - but I also have no idea how I should do that…

Your help is very much appreciated!!

Thanks!! :slight_smile:

I would:

  1. Get the list of public repositories for the company
  2. Clone each one locally
  3. Execute the command git rev-list --max-parents=0 HEAD and take the oldest date

The command above gives the root commit(s) for a repository. For repositories that have more than one root commit, take the oldest commit date.

I hope that helps!

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