Anaconda vs Miniconda - which distri to choose?

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Is it possible to choose Miniconda with let us say the most important packages for


and thinks like that - and besides

jupyter notebook

well - what do you say: see the two articles that may be interesting here

In the Anaconda repository, there are two types of installers:

“Anaconda installers” and “Miniconda installers”.

What are their differences?

Besides, for an installer file,, what does 2- stand for?

answer: >> The difference is that miniconda is just shipping the repository management system. So when you install it there is just the management system without packages. Whereas with Anaconda, it is like a distribution with some built in packages.

Like with any Linux distribution, there are some releases which bundles lots of updates for the included packages. That is why there is a difference in version numbering. If you only decide to upgrade Anaconda, you are updating a whole system.

end of citation: see more here python - Anaconda vs. miniconda - Stack Overflow

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well - the question is: what would you do - which package would you choose - would you go with

a. anaconda, or
b. mini-conda !?

i love to hear from you