An unexpected error has occured while registering for the course. . Please try again later!


I get the error above when trying to start the Introduction to GitHub course.

Any suggestions on what to do?

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@skrikler I’m sorry to see you were having a problem. It looks like the error was occuring because your GitHub account was not completely set up at the time you tried to start the course. Learning Lab creates a repository on your GitHub account but in this case it couldn’t do so because you had not added an email address on your account.

Do you mind adding an email address on your GitHub account and then trying again? Please let me know if that doesn’t resolve the problem.

Hi. It doesn’t solve the problem for me.

What can I do ??
Do I need to add also the twitter acount ??

@eldano1995 This happened to me too, tried it several times. I had changed the default repository branch name to main and I was getting the same error message you were. I switched it back to master, and tried to register for the Introduction to GitHub course again and it worked. Try checking your default setting? (


OMG! Thank you so much!!

I don’t get why this solve the issue, but it simply does.
Who says magic doesn’t exist?? Jajaja

Thanks again!

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You are welcome! The training is looking for a specific repository base branch nomenclature when creating, and when running the training, so the change of the base from master->main made a conflict. I expect in the next few months that they will be fixing everything to remove this dependency or using the newer convention of “main”


@madewithabandon Thank you so much. You are the best!

Solved it for me as well, thanks so much @madewithabandon!

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@madewithabandon Thank you a lot.
I really appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

@madewithabandon thank you for sharing this. :blue_heart:

It works, saved the day, thank you so much ~