An introduction to Java

Hello, I’m Ingrid P., I’m a begginer in programming language and I decide to start with the Java language. The situation is that I can’t get out of the first module of the course.

My answers to the first question are always incorrect. I have to add a comment to the answer, but they are always wrong … And I know the correct answer, I don’t understand what the course wants.

Help me who can, please.

Ingrid P.

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In that case it’s best if you post the specific things and questions that you’re having trouble with. That way someone may be able to explain things to you. :wink:

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I apologize for the lack of relevant information. The situation in question follows:

GitHub Learning Lab Instructions

This is an interactive course, where you will be prompted to do something to finish each step.

If it takes more than a few seconds for a response, try refreshing your browser.

Add a comment to this issue with the letter that answers this question.

Which of the following is false about Java?

a. Java is an Object Oriented programming language
b. Java is a scripting language, read only in the browser
c. Java files need to be compiled before you can run them

Help me who can, please.

Ingrid P.

So, what about that question is giving you trouble?

Above I wrote the Java course questions. And these are the answers I wrote:

First answer: Statement (b) is false.

Second answer: Okay, after re-reading the text on Java, I identified option © as false, because Java is already a compiled language, needing to be translated in order to run.

Third answer: Which of the following is false about Java? C

Fourth answer: Java is not a scripting language. It creates applications running on a virtual machine or a browser, running on many platforms. (Letter B).

For each posted answer, the instructor said: Sorry, that is not the right answer. Try again!

I’m confused, I don’t know what to do.

Ingrid P.

Oh! I think this part means you need to post only the letter:

I assume the lab bot can’t extract your response from a complete sentence. :sweat_smile: :robot:

And yes, b) is correct. :relieved:

I did as you advised me.
Did not work.
What a pity …
Thank you for helping me. :disappointed:
I will close the course. :disappointed:

Too bad… This might be a matter for a bug report, if you have the time. :confused:

I hope you can find another way to learn!

Yes, I found a new course. Thanks for the support! :facepunch: :grinning:

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I made it out of the first part to the last part but I can’t figure out how to add this method to the class. is there a way to look at how it should look?

You created your first Java program!:coffee::grinning: This is the end of this intro course. If you would like to continue working on your cupcake shop, here are some potential next steps:

Next Steps:

  • Declair a “totalCost” variable, and a “addOnList” variable

int totalCost; String addOnList;

  • Write a custom method that takes a string and integer as arguments, then adds them to our cost and addOnList variables

static void addItem(String item, int cost) { totalCost+=cost; addOnList+=item; }

  • Write if statements before each add-on to see if they want that add-on (ex: do you want filling? We have … ). If they respond with anything but “no”, call your addItem method with their input and a cost as arguments.

if (frostingType != “no”){ addItem(frostingType,2); addOnList+=", "; }

  • Modify the finial statement so it displays the new cost variable and addOnList statement.

Thank you all! I am studying Java in another course. :heart:

After trying this I went and did both of codecademys Java’s courses. They were much easier to follow.