Among Us: duplicated connection detected

I launch the game, then rename playersprefs to playerprefs1 and rename playerprefs0 to playerprefs. Then i launch Among US next time. Why? I try to play the same game with two playerprefs (accounts) in order to have more chances to be impostor. Sometimes i see “duplicated connection detected” and i can’t play the same game with two playerprefs.
I use Among-Us-Editor for free chat and name, i set playerprefs as read-only so that names and other settings aren’t changed in the game.
It there a way to change support ID or something else to remove “duplicated connection detected”?

Don’t reply with “I don’t know” like mpboom did.

Hey @tedomedo and thanks for posting in the GitHub Community. While there are many knowledgable people here, I don’t think many are able to answer this game-specific question. If your question isn’t answered over here, you can definitely consider posting your question on a forum geared a little more towards gaming.