AMDLoader is not defined

Anytime I’ve opened my codespaces today I’ve received this error “AMDLoader is not defined” and that’s about all. I don’t really know anything else about this problem, however I did download my network log loading the page if that’s helpful. You can find the log here.


SAme Issue here. Works fine when access from Firefox or Brave browser. On Chromium the error message ** AMDLoader is not defined ** keeps appearing.

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Thanks for raising, we’re looking into this

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One point of interest. This is running on my Windows laptop but I don’t have the same problem on my Mac or Linux computers. This laptop (for work) does have some internet filtering so that’s why I uploaded the network log loading Codespaces in case something was blocked.

Also, today I tried reopening Codespaces (on the same laptop) and this time it worked, although it hadn’t been for a couple of days until now. So at least for me the problem is resolved but it’s still weird that it happened at all. Best of luck finding a solution

We have a fix for this that should be deployed soon. Clearing out the browser cache should unblock you meanwhile.

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