Amateur programmer

Good day!
Hey everyone, I’m an amateur programmer, or so I’d like to say. I’ve always had a keen interest in computers, smartphones, and apps and how they work/are made. I have some basic knowledge in python, Java and some others.

Right now I’m currently in the process of learning python, as I have interests in data analysis, but I also have interests in mobile app development. I’m curious to see really what’s the best programming language to learn first? I’m still in my twenties, and I want to learn as much as I can. I used to be enrolled in Cybersecurity courses at a university, but due to financial matters along with other issues, I was unable to continue, so I’m going the self taught route.

Anyways, what languages does everyone think are one of the better languages to learn first? Do any of you have reputable sites or books to learn from? If using python, what IDEs do you all use?

Any insight at all would be very beneficial. Even if it doesn’t pertain to the questions I asked. All I want is to gain experience while learning, try out the freelance route for a while and possibly land a decent entry level position one day. Possibly obtain a few certifications after getting well versed.


Well if you already start learning python then go with it, python programming has a lot of uses for example for data analysis , AI , web development and you can also create mobile application using python.  since you have a background in cybersecurity i assume you already know how hackers use loop hole to hack into an application python is one of the most use language in ethical hacking. after you learn pythton go with java, java run in any platform as long as JRE is running and installed on that particular platform!

thats all i can help! by the way if there’s any grammatical error please let me know , i want to be proficient in english language thanks! :-)