Am I using the Search in a wrong way?

Hi there,

I’m currently looking for issues I can fix during Hacktoberfest.

The link on Digital Oceans page to the search is

Now using the “Sort” drop down I change the order to “Newest” and the results for the first

page are re-ordered and the URL in the browser changes to

However, when I now want to check the results on any other page using the pager at the bottom, the ordering (o=desc URL parameter) is removed and the “Sort” drop down is reset to “Best match”.

I would expect the ordering and the drop down to stay at the previously selected values when changing a page.

Am I doing something wrong or do I need to activate some browser setting to make this work?

When I click the second link in your post and then use the pager at the bottom, the sort order remains the same. There may still be a bug here, but I can’t reproduce it given the steps you outlined.

Can you give more detailed steps to reproduce the problem starting at

Let me know.