Always receiving Page build failure message even it runs locally and on travis


I have this repo:

I manage to run it both locally and on travis (

unitech@zion:~/keymetrics/pm2-runtime/$ bundle exec jekyll serve  
Configuration file: /home/unitech/keymetrics/pm2-runtime/\_config.yml  
Source: /home/unitech/keymetrics/pm2-runtime/  
Destination: /home/unitech/keymetrics/pm2-runtime/\_site  
Incremental build: disabled. Enable with --incremental  
done in 1.536 seconds.  
Auto-regeneration: enabled for '/home/unitech/keymetrics/pm2-runtime/'  
Server address: [](  
Server running... press ctrl-c to stop.

But I always receive an “Page build failure” from github, everytime I push. It instantly fails on push.

How can I fix that? Or get more information on that fail?

Thank you

I even reverted to an old commit (1 year ago) and it still fail

Ok solved, some file with weird suffix made the github page compilation system fail. 

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