Although in the new beta, new repos have the old actions

I’ve successfully setup the new actions for one repo, but now that i want to do it for another repo, i don’t see a way to “upgrade” it or “enable” the new actions. I honestly can’t remember how i got the first repo enabled, but i would like to be able to use it with multiple repos 

When I create a new repo, the actions is already upgraded to the new system. Have you tried creating the .github/workflows/<something>.yml file to see if it works?

I have not tried that yet. good point though :slight_smile: i’ll give that a shot

no luck…it’s a public repo, but making it private doesn’t seem to make a difference…

I was able to upgrade another repo that had an old workflow file, so it seems to still be available at least…

Hi Dennis,

I could upgrade your entire account. Sound good?

that would be awesome! thanks @mscoutermarsh 

Done. try now. :sunglasses:

success!! thank you!

off to building docker images now :D 

@mscoutermarsh I’m having the exact same issue. I have been enrolled in both the old and new betas and have a new repo that seems to insist on only using the old workflow syntax. Adding a new style workflow file in place doesn’t seem to be detected by the actions tab.

For some extra context in other repos there’s usually a prompt (that I don’t need) to opt into the new syntax. This repo didn’t have it which makes this repo unique. If possible can I only be enrolled in the new syntax beta to avoid new repos using the old syntax.

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@softprops Just enabled for your entire account. Give it a try now :grinning:

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Same issue for me, I was only able to upgrade a single repo - I have quite a number of them and I’d like to switch them all from webhooks to actions :smile:

Also having the same issue. I would like to use the new actions in my other repos as well.

@mscoutermarsh you are the best! Thanks for the fast turn around.

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@alfg  and @filliph , I’ve enabled your user accounts.


seems like I am having the same problem

I believe I’m seeing the same thing as well. New repos appear to have new workflows, but all of my old ones do not. An organization I’m in also just got access to the beta, and even its older repos are using the new style, so perhaps I’m in a weird limbo too! :grimacing:

+1 any chance of having my whole @chrisns account done so my new repos can use new actions?

If this happens to anyone else, you can get around it by creating an HCL syntax workflow. Then you’ll see the option to upgrade. You need an old-style one and then it will just offer it and you can move forward without waiting for staff to upgrade you manually.

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