Alternative to Message Box - Is it worth developing.

Some time ago I was tasked with developing a front end for an automated test system and I wanted a User Prompt that was better than the plain jane message box. At that time I used used an RTF box, and it worked well for two projects.

But the RTF coding was noxious. Recently, I had occaision to need that someting special again. This tume I used the web browser control on a Windows form, and it seems to work well. I’d like to share what I’ve done, get (gentle) critiques, and possibly improve it and have other folks actually use it. This is a rough concept draft of the finished work for HTML Prompt and Designer.  
For the very brave at heart both the Prompt and the designer Solutions (and all my crib notes :slight_smile: ) are here

Would this be something someone would want to walk me through creating a github project. The code is simplistic so it could be used for teaching.

Points I would like to be given is where in my code do I need additional comments, and what dditional information needs to be in the manual. Thanks for taking the time! It is really appreciated.