Also stuck on Pages Step 7 creating a post - adding post meta data

Sorry to bring this up again - But I too have a recurrent error on this step. I keep getting “told” that I need to create a title surrounded by quotes - which I swear I have.

I’ve tried multiple ways including copying and pasting the example text. I get a tick for added dashes on 1st and last line, a tick for date in correct format - but no tick for ‘You added a page title surrounded in quotes’. :sigh:

would some kind person please look and tell me WTF I am doing wrong here

PS I am adding it to the blog post (md) file not the yml file…

aaaaand NOW it works… All I did was remove a space AFTER the closing quote for the title line… Seems to have done the trick…

Wow, space make the difference if programs works. I have to be very careful

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