Allowance on requests

I have a question, is it allowed to make an offer to someone if they’re willing to help and guide me throughout my learning cycle? If so, where am I allowed to place such requests? If not, please reply it is not allowed and ill continue forth with this information.

Since I am writing a request, I have been reading a lot of books already, I have not yet come along any good teaching books about programming and from there on. I only have had books that taught me basic understanding about computers and several attacks performed and random tool directions which were mostly outdated. Then I have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS only, adding C++ as minor knowledge as of writing while not performed anything myself yet because all the explanations were chopped off and made everything in any form non-usable or not giving any valuable information. I’m a rooker basicly.

Apologies if it is not allowed to ask these requests in the form of requesting and offers towards guidance and help.