Allow triggering actions by other actions

Hi! My company just developed an action that automatically approves and merges Dependabot PRs if CI is green. We have two issues tho:

  • Continuous Integration workflow cannot trigger Automerge workflow, so it has to be added separately, as a job, to Continuous Integration workflow.

  • Merges don’t trigger release workflows.

May I kindly request to add an ability for Actions to trigger other Actions?

Here’s a link to the action:

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Workflows don’t trigger other workflows by-design, it would be quite easy to accidentally get into an infinite loop.  This is done by matching on the GITHUB_TOKEN.

If you want to be able to do a push that will execute workflows, then you can use a different authentication mechanism, like a personal access token, instead of the GITHUB_TOKEN.


Do you think it would be possible to enable it as an option, or match on (GITHUB_TOKEN, workflow) tuple? I guess if it triggers other workflows, you can’t get into a loop. What do you think about this solution?