Allow the Github Token to also have rights for converting PRs to draft or vice-versa

A while ago did I give a suggestion on a Comment-Action to allow converting a PR from/to a draft based on labels applied.

The maintainer did make a PR to implement this but it now requires you to have a PAT (Personal Access Token) created with the public_repo to gain rights for changing a PRs draft-state as it seems to not be included within the default github token perm set.

This has the unwanted side-effect that comments made by the Action will be performed through your personal account which is something that can be dangerous or unwanted.


Because of this do I now ask here, if the rights for the Github token could be updated to also include changing a PRs current draft-state as using a PAT is dangerous and something not everyone (including me) wants to do.

Please refer to the linked discussion and PR above for more context and info, thanks!

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This problem seems to be affecting the whole permissions of GitHub API v4 (GraphQL) with GITHUB_TOKEN on GitHub Actions.