Allow static site on Github Pages to upload files

I’m trying to determine if I can host a static website on GitHub Pages and provide a way for people to upload files to the repo through the site. Can anyone comment or point me to resources to figure it out myself?


You can link to:{org}/{repo}/upload/{branch}{/path}

Item Value
org the username/organization
repo the repository
branch the branch (typically gh-pages)
/path the path to the directory where the file would be created

But it’d only work if they have access to the branch, otherwise, it’d probably result in them creating a fork in their personal account – they could do that and then create a PR from there.

Since GitHub Pages is a static site, it does not run server-side scripts.

But you can still do that just like what @jsoref said, provided you added the users as collaborators or through a pull request for non-collaborators.

Thanks for the responses. I was aware that Github Pages was a static web site host, but I was hoping that there was an easier way to allow non-technical contribs to post data. I’ll go back to my original approach and use MongoDB Atlas or some other cloud database to do that.

Thanks again to all those who responded, I appreciate your feedback.