Allow run Actions in account hosting the fork without approval

In my practice there is no following workflow:

  • I create a fork and make some changes.
  • I’m creating a draft pull request. To make sure all tests pass. I fix what needs to be fixed.
  • When all the problems are solved - I mark the request as “ready for review”.

This process allows me to make sure that all checks are successful, and for the reviewer it reduces the amount of noise from unready PR’s.

Now, if I create PR for the first time, I can’t verify that my patch is stable without calling a collaborator who will approve Action.

I think it would be useful to have a button to run Actions and direct it at the account hosting the fork without waiting for approval from the collaborator.

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Do the workflows run for push events, or would it be acceptable to add that? In that case you’d just need to enable Actions on your fork.

You could also just make a test PR against your fork first, and once you’re happy with it, make the PR against the upstream repository.

Also you could run the tests locally before pushing to Github.