Allow removed org members to re-join the organization if SAML is still setup

Hi Everyone,

Looking for some advice please,

We have noticed when removing a user from our organisations GitHub, the following is displayed:
“Removed members will be able to rejoin the organization unless they are also deprovisioned from your SAML Identity Provider.”

Does anyone know how they can rejoin the org themselves? We have tested by removing a user from our org that was configured using SAML. When this removed user then goes to our org again, they only see public repos and have no option to rejoin.

Our hope with this is to remove users identified as inactive while leaving their SAML authentication in place. This way if/ when they need org access again, they could rejoin without the need for us to invite them manually.

Any thoughts and feedback would be most welcome.

Thank you.

You could direct users to use the URL , replacing ORGANIZATION with the name of your organization. If they can authenticate against your configured SAML Identity Provider, then they should be able to join without an invite.

This is described within the following guide:

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Amazing, this does exactly what I was looking for. Thank you very much.