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I am fairly new to Github migrating my open source project from Bitbucket to Github. Right now I struggle with the access rights to the Wiki. In the settings I allow public editing of the Wiki. This seems to work if other users edit the Wiki via the Web GUI. However if they use git to clone the Wiki they can’t push their changes. (error 403, permission denied)

What do I have to do to allow others to push to the Wiki?

Hi @kiozen!

Just for clarification, are the people who are having trouble pushing to the wiki collaborators or members of the general public? It sounds like they are members of the general public, but I want to be sure.

Also, are you experiencing the same issues pushing to your wiki? Is there anyone else who have had success pushing to your wiki?



it’s working for collaborators but not for the general public. And I would like to allow it to the general public.

I can push to my project’s wiki.

Hi @kiozen,

Thanks for the confirmation and clarification on that. When members of the general public are trying to push to the wiki, do you know if they’re authenticating to GitHub at all or are they trying to push anonymously?


On a push git asks for login and password. If these are my credentials everything is ok. If they are from anyone else outside the project it fails.

This is the expected behavior. A wiki can be edited via the GitHub UI by anyone with a valid GitHub login, if the repository is configured that way. But pushing to the underlying wiki repository is restricted to the people that have write access to the base repository since git push enables some much more destructive actions like completely rewriting the history of the repository.

Let us know if you have more questions.

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Thanks for clarification!

How would a protected–branch-like situation work, where general access could be restricted to not allow history modification?

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