Allow organizations to install my GitHub app without using the marketplace

I am interested in creating a product that would have the following onboarding flow:

  • User clicks on a link displayed on my personal website that takes the user to the github page to create a new installation app (i.e.
  • User configure permissions as desired on the installation screen
  • User is redirected back to my website to continue setting up their account within my product

This seems fairly straightforward for individual users, but I dont see a documented way to allow for the same flow to grant my app access to organization repositories. The installation link doesnt appear to have a way to install apps on an organization, even if the user is an owner of an organization.

Is this supported? I would like to avoid listing my product in the github marketplace, which seems to be the only way to install a github app on an organization

The GitHub app platform allows for individual users to install github apps into repositories they own by

I’m noticing that this behavior differs from app to app. Here is a screenshot of the /installations/new page for sentry which does let me select an organization

But the installation/new page for my test app takes me directly to installing on my personal account. What could be causing this difference in behavior I wonder?

this is because one of these is a public app and the other isn’t. go to app settings > advanced > make public