Allow more permissions on the Github token

Dear GitHub team,

While many services support file-based configuration, GitHub is still lacking behind. I was hoping this would be solved via a GitHub action but I am out of luck because the GitHub token accessible within the workflows is lacking those permissions.

I would like to be able to edit all of these:


  • description
  • website
  • topics
  • even ideally “include in the homepage”

Use case

I am creating various repo boilerplates and I have the data to fill this at hand but I am lacking the automatic access.

Current alternatives:

  • do it manually
  • ask the user to generate a PAT and trust me with it

None is a good solution IMO.


  • Either give more permissions to the actions token
  • Either allow configuring these options from a file within the .github folder

Thank you for sharing your requirement and solutions here.
I would encourage you share your idea in the Feedback form for GitHub Actions .

I have just done it. Thanks for the link!