Allow copying SSH-style clone URLs when not logged in

Is there a way to copy ssh-style clone URLs for public repos when browsing github without beeing logged in?

When logged in I can copy clone URLs like ssh://
But when just browsing Github without a session, I can only copy https-clone urls from repo sites whereas i still have my ssh-config set up globally and don’t like to change remotes after cloning.

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Hi @sebastianwagner Thanks for being part of the GitHub Community Forum! I have a bit more information that should help answer your question here.

The SSH protocol requires both a public and private key. The private key is the one you keep, while the public key you give to GitHub. That key has to be associated with an account or repository, so if you don’t have an account (i.e. you’re not logged in), you won’t be able to copy the SSH URL.

So, basically, the SSH URL is going to be meaningless to anyone who doesn’t have SSH keys already set up on GitHub, whereas HTTPS on a public repo will work whether you’re authenticated or not.

I hope that helps. Let me know if you have further questions.