All my websites have been marked as dangerous

all my websites have been mae=rked as dangerous and none of my works is being published no more on the github pages, this is devastationg as none of employers and club heads are able to see those, many ooportunities are just slipping by. i am just an information tech student and have no motives of deception with any of my work they are just UI projects to build a CV, i want someone to look into the matter ASAP and revert.


It seems Google has marked it as phishing according to Safebrowsing.

You can report it as false positive at Report Incorrect Phishing Warning

Probably happened because of the form fields, which ask for some personal data.

Is the correct branch and folder used for GitHub Pages (see the repo setting)?

I reported it at Report Incorrect Phishing Warning
but the needful has not been done yet, waiting for some response. Also will i need to report this for each one of the websites hosted on my github pages? as all have them have been marked because of one website i think

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Had the same issue a few weeks ago.
And after the report they solved it in a few days
As for report for each of the websites - yes, I believe you need to report about every website.