All my actions was disabled without a reason

Today, no message was sended to my phone then I found this problem .
I have enabled some manually now .

This repo is using to sync with upstream repo .
upstream only added one workflow yaml yesterday , should not cause such problem .

PS: Is there any way to enable all workflow ?? It really annoy to enable all manually if something similar happens again .


To prevent unnecessary workflow runs, scheduled workflows may be disabled automatically.
Generally, in the following situations the scheduled workflows will be disabled automatically:

  • When a public repository is forked.
  • In a public repository, when no repository activity has occurred in 60 days.

To view more details, you can see “Disabling and enabling a workflow”.

Is there any way to enable all workflow??

We seems have no an easy way to enable all the workflows quickly.

As a workaround, I have a method that can be once and for all.

  1. Use the “List repository workflows” endpoint to list all the workflows in your repository. From the response content you can get the id of each workflow.

  2. In the loop, use the “Enable a workflow” endpoint to enable all the workflows listed in above step.

You can set up a workflow to execute these two endpoints, or wrap them in a JavaScript action.
To view more details, you can see the “Workflows API”.

This workflow may be useful if you need to enable large number of workflows in a repository.