All my actions are stuck on queued

all my actions getting to queued status, why?
there is a problem with Github Action?


Same here. Cannot run actions or cancel.

Yep… No update on Status page either.

upd: status page now shows outage

I see the same thing since the last 20 minutes or so. Considered contacting GitHub support but it looks like many are experiencing this problem and so this issue is probably on GitHub radar already.

I see the same issue from more than an hour ago. It’s happening to workflows in multiple repos I have in same org

Hi everyone, there’s currently a major incident that’s causing new Actions workflow runs to remain queued. The engineering team are aware and investigating so I’d recommend keeping an eye on our incident page here for updates:

Hi again, thanks for your patience during this incident this morning, and sorry for any disruption caused.

The engineering team have deployed a fix so your Actions workflows should now queue and run correctly again. The team believe that most queued jobs will recover and run correctly but this may not happen immediately.

Secondly, search on the Actions page and via the API may return incomplete results. If you have an application, integration, or workflow that relies on this then be aware that these results may be incomplete for the next few days.

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I am still seeing mine pending: Initial commit · pmatos/racket-binaryen@e49d872 · GitHub

Hey there, my action’s still queued and I can’t cancel or trigger. Would you know how long it would take for the queued jobs to clear out?

Hi everyone, if you’re still having trouble with workflow runs still showing as “queued” it looks like these runs have in fact been dropped and will not run. The incident has caused the UI to show these jobs as still queued to be run but they haven’t been added to the Actions queue and will not be processed.

A background job will be run to clear these stuck jobs over the next few days, so they will eventually be resolved in the UI after this job runs.

Mine are still stuck as well. We’ll see how long it takes to get cleaned up.

Newly created actions are stuck in the queued state for me as well

Status page updated.

Thank you for the update.


All my github action still stuck. What can we do to cancel them ?

Same here - very annoying.

They all just failed after 1d 2h 58m 11s.

This happened to me too. If you have a workflow_dispatch event you can rerun the workflow like I did when it happened to me.

Is it occurring again? This morning all my workflows just froze up as well in the queued state?

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It happened to me too. Github Status is not showing any issues.