"All Members" team?

I’m looking for an easy way to manage default repository permissions within my org.

I want to give everyone in my organization read-only access to most repositories, and then selectively grant write access per-repo.

I can imagine a way to acheive this by creating an explicit “Everyone” team, explicitly adding all org members to it, and then explicitly adding that team to each new repo.  My question is, is there an easier way to do it? For example, is there an implicit “All Members” team, or a way of setting default permissions for new repositories?


The way to grant default member permissions for all repositories in your organization is to use the “Base permissions” option in the Member privileges tab of your organization: https://github.com/organizations/your-organization-here/settings/member_privileges

If you set that to “Read”, then all members of your organization will have a base permission of “Read” access for all repositories in your organization. You can then use teams to modify from there.

If you only want “Read” access to  most repositories, then yes, setting base permissions to “None” and using an “Everyone” team is currently the way to do it. There are currently no implicit teams.


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I have the same need. If I what to make a single org repo (not for all org public org repos) writeable for all team members, there is not a fast way to do that.