All Github Actions suddenly failing with GITHUB_TOKEN secret does not exist

As of this morning, all of our Github Actions started failing. The only error message is GITHUB_TOKEN secret does not exist. Has anyone seen this?


I’m here exactly for the same reason; cannot find any information on the error …

Experiencing the same problem actually. No repository settings where changed or anything like that.

Seems to be fixed?

I got “Failed to add secret. Name is invalid” when try to add GITHUB_TOKEN into secret key. I only have problem with this name, so, it’s not fixed yet?

You cannot manually add secrets where the name starts with GITHUB, those are reserved. For example, for the token.

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Ok, but for example, I need to use the exact name for secret as GITHUB_TOKEN for setup changesets actions, they require it…

GITHUB_TOKEN is automatically provided by Actions, see this:

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Yeah, many thanks for info!

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