All GH Actions runs failing - Docker invalid status code 404


I’m encountering an issue where almost all our Actions runs are failing since yesterday. Everywhere the culprit is this:

2021-01-05T03:17:37.3535337Z ##[command]/usr/bin/docker exec  f8f021987230a9f84f37892b899af6c3ab4704cda84918a7efff3544200ab707 sh -c "cat /etc/*release | grep ^ID"
2021-01-05T03:17:37.7312542Z Error: Invalid status code: 404
/usr/bin/docker exec  e4a075391e32ecd09fd50d299ccc23737cb63fdfe8925f3dfea750125574e08a sh -c "cat /etc/*release | grep ^ID"
Error: Invalid status code: 404

I haven’t managed to pinpoint where the issue could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Did the issue get resolved? Was it related to Docker enforcing pull limits by any chance?