All files marked as new after merge via pull request

I am relatively new to Github. I’m using Github Desktop. I was working on a project for which I’m the sole contributor for the moment. I was working with the master branch, then I created a branch (“spectral_clustering”) that I worked on for about 2 weeks. I used a pull request from the master to merge the branch changes into the master. It went fine.

Now when I look at the Changes tab on the master branch, it labels every file as new (green). However, when I commit and push a change, the History tab shows the small subset of correctly modified files and the diffs with the previous commit. 

Before I did the branching and merge, the incremental changes were showing up justs fine. Did I forget to do something? Do I have to trash the current local repository and clone the master again? 

Any help appreciated.

Thanks, David 

Hey @dsmccormick8492, mind sharing a screenshot of the files marked as green? Just to confirm, those files that are showing are modified files and not newly created ones, correct? 

@logansah I restarted my computer, opened Github Desktop, then switched branches back and forth and the problem seems to have been fixed. I don’t know, but maybe there was something funky with the .github files that didn’t get synced properly. Now it seems to be back to normal. Go figure. It must be the gitvirus.

Thanks for taking the time to respond.