All activity for Github app

I recently looked a little more at the Github application, and noticed that it didn’t have other people’s activity display.

Is it possible to have it or is it still an idea that Github would like to implement ?


Welcome @Grezor. Can you share a bit more information about the feature you are asking for here? Are you wanting an activity feed like the one that is on

Hello @steveward
Sometimes I’m on public transport, and I think a lot of people use their phones to see a bit of what’s going on on GitHub, via the app.

To answer your question: yes, I wanted to know if there is a possibility to put news about GitHub, like on the GitHub home page. Because I like github very much, and I would like to improve the platform with ideas.

For example, to display projects, or GitHub news on small notes, improvements, or things that GitHub would like to implement in this application.

Afterwards, you should try to do a survey to see if people like it or not.