Alexa and nightscout need mmol

Hello im hoping someone can help.

I have very basic skills and follow guides to set things up.

I have a nightscout website and have followed the guide for alexa skill setup. alexa is working and giving a blood glucose, however we are in the uk and everything is set to mmol not mg but alexa still reads our blood glucose in mg.

Nightscout has mmol turned on and our phones and webpage displays in mmol.

could someone please help to explain how to get alexa to say the blood glucose reading in mmol not mg

many thanks in advance

Hi, @criminal2000,

Thank you for being here! Are you using a custom skill? Like the cgm-remote-monitor, if so there is gitter chat instance where you might be able to find support for this question.  I hope this helps!



Thxs that’s the custom skill I am using it all works except in my not mmol

Ok gitter solves my issue.

I didn’t have DEFAULT_UNITS and mmol in my azure app settings it’s now all up and running properly Thxs for your support

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