Airglow code for 557.7 nm

I have visited the pyglow/ at 9bf2b364aa66e3428a87888115fc3cbd2ab05540 · timduly4/pyglow · GitHub website for a month
I found :code for 630.0 nm and 777.4 nm

but cannot find code or library for 557.7 nm airglow

run_airglow in appears to only calculate the 630.0 and 777.4 values. If you want 557.7, it seems you’ll have to modify that code yourself.

You might post your question in that repository as an issue to see if someone has any 557.7 support.

Have you contacted the developers?
How can I find a devekoper’s email address?

Writing an issue is generally the way you should use to contact developers about questions/suggestions regarding the repository, unless the documentation in the repository says otherwise (and it doesn’t here). In this kind of situation writing a mail would usually be considered impolite.

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