After the acount username changed, The repository [name] has been retired and cannot be reused

I have two Github accounts, A and B. The code warehouse “kxs” is in account A

  1. Change A account username to C
  2. Change B account username to A
  3. Create code repository “kxs” for the new account A, I get an error:
  • “The repository kxs has been retired and cannot be reused”
  • Other repository name in old account A also this

like this:

yup that’s quite tricky,

you want try requesting it but there is no assurance

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thx, I’ll try it,I’ve seen other users have the same problem

Hi folks,

This is likely down to the Popular repository namespace retirement feature.

Billy :cowboy_hat_face:

Hi @XuHandsome checking in here were @billythekid or @jdevstatic able to solve this for you? If so, don’t forget to mark the solution :+1:t3: