After event and JTextFields

Hey guys, so my problem is very specific and I may be being really dumb but I’d appreciate any help you can give:

Basically I need to make a panel in which there are two text fields and a button that automatically enables once the two text fields have client-added-in data (IE, not the default text and not empty). I’ve been using KeyListeners to check when either of the text fields are being altered. Currently the problem is that you have to type in 2 characters to get my current “isDefault” to return false, since this method is triggered by a KeyListener and the KeyListener returns data BEFORE the text has updated with the new letter that you’ve typed. This doesn’t happen the other way, if I’m back-spacing then it returns no for 1 character and yes for 0 characters

Current isDetected() method:

	public Boolean isDefault () {
		if (this.getText() == "NAME" || this.getText().length() == 0) {
			return true;
		} else return false;

Current update method:

	public void updateButton() {
		if (!(ServerConnect.nameBox.isDefault()) && !(ServerConnect.roomBox.isDefault())) {
		} else disableButton();

My questions are, A: is there a way to check what the text field will contain after the event? B: Is there a method that triggers the event to happen in the listener so data after will be updated? or C: Do I have to get creative and do some really stupidly complicated thing that works out what the text field will contain taking into account the button pressed?

Anyways thanks for any help you’re able to give and sorry if it’s obvious and I’m being dumb