After Epic Account Connected , still unable to browse repository

My Epic Games Account is connected with Github Account.
As per instructions here. But still unable to browse the repository mentioned at end of page > shows 404 page

Any ideas how to fix this will be of huge help. thanks,Haseeb

Hi there! :wave: Welcome to the Community!

Can you confirm that all steps on were successful? I am not seeing that your account has authorized the EpicGames OAuth app. Did you receive the confirmation email they mention in Step 9? If not, you may need to contact EpicGames for help with this.

If you don’t receive a confirmation email, or if your account is experiencing problems, get help from Customer Service.

I too am having this trouble. I get a 404 error for I did receive the email, and I see Epic Games in my list of Authorized OAuth Apps.

Hi tmetz,
1- appologies for late reply.
2- yes, i am 100% sure, i did all steps accurately (multiple times)

IMHO, i once (few years ago) have my account connected (for sure) then at end of year or so (somewhere) i was looking conencted github accounts and i removed epic games account (thought i might not use this ever for work)
after a year or so (2020) i found some need to work on Unreal again. so i tried to connect it again and it start failing.

i tried talking (on epic forums) they tried solving, and it starts appearing connected on their website but truly didn’t worked.

Last month, as a temp solution. i requested next desk collegue to do same process, his account worked in first go and i used his account to download / build / compile and work on task in hand.
Hope it will help sort issue in long run. thanks,Haseeb.