After creating a Pull Request the task is to change the filename and commit changes

  1. Click the Files Changed tab in this pull request
  2. Verify that the only file edited is named _posts/
  3. If the file is improperly named, or not in an improper location, click on the pencil icon found on the right side of the screen to edit it.
  4. Above the contents of the file, select all text in the field that contains the filename and delete it.
  5. Continue pressing your backspace key to also delete any directory names that exist.
  6. Type the proper filename:


  1. Scroll to the bottom and enter a commit message and commit in the Commit Changes section.

I tried committing the above changes, but its not working and I am not able to move forward with next steps untill this completes.

Kindly suggest your view.

Hi @poojapatilacc, I took a look at your repository and it looks like you were able to make it through the course. If you have any problems still, please let me know. :slight_smile:

Hello  brianamarie,

Thanks for your update!

I have completed the task and the course as well. but when I am trying to access the new course I am getting Repository Error. its saying : The repository PoojaPatilAcc/merge-conflict already exists.
can you please help me with this?

Hi @poojapatilacc! I took a look, and I see the repository does exist, and it also looks like you’ve made some progress there since posting. It looks like your next steps are in this pull request