After completing various github lab courses can I archive the repositories?

Hello all,

After working through the prepare-to-use-github learning path I have generated a lot of repositories. Is there a way I can complete the learning path and acknowledge where I am, without drowning in repositories.
I tried 1. leave a finished course 2. Delete the repository. This subsequently removed the strike through in the (prepare-to-use-github ) learning path.


Welcome to the community, @w-tr! Learning Lab does keep a record of your completion, even if you delete the repository or leave the registration. However, that information isn’t yet surfaced to the user interface in any way.

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That would be a nice feature. Many people like to keep their repositories to a minimum to make it easier to find what they’re looking for in the future, but still want to track progress.

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Understood, @mattwelke @w-tr. I’ll make sure to share it with the team working on Learning Lab.