Advertising on Github - what are the policies?

Today, I ran into awesome-ios. I immediately noticed that it has an advertisement on it. It’s easy on the eyes in my opinion.

However, I wanted to know if there is a policy for such things? If not, is this something the community should address?

It doesn’t seem out of hand now. But it could get quite annoying if it spreads.

Hi @danthecoloradan,

This is a great question. I am going to move this post to a different board that fits your topic of discussion a bit better. This means you’ll get better engagement on your post, and it keeps our community organized so users can more easily find information.

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Hi @danthecoloradan,

I’d recommend taking a look at GitHub’s Terms of Service, specifically the section on advertising. The tl;dr of that is "We do not generally prohibit use of GitHub for advertising. However, we expect our users to follow certain limitations, so GitHub does not become a spam haven."

I hope this helps!

Is there a way to purchase paid ads that run on Github? Looking into promoting some content relevant to machine learning, Python, deep learning, data science etc.  I am wondering if this is a service that you offer.


Did you ever find anything out about this? Interested as well.