Adjusting README for profile

hey guys so, i looked up on google and saw a cool way to show my profile
with gifs and emojis - by writing into the README file in the repo named like my username
so, i put a link to my linked in profile as a hyperlink on this profile
as following :

LinkedIn Badge

the href holds the correct URL
though, when i click on the link in my profile it redirects me into
why is it doing that and how can i fix that ?

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it’s 404

there are services using URLs, and if you click on that, it will go to the page of the service, maybe that’s the behavior you are referring to


The link in your file is lacking the protocol part (https://), so GitHub assumes you mean to link to a file in your repository. Fix the link so it contains the full URL. :slightly_smiling_face:

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haha omg, yea that was the problem thanks :smiley:

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