Adding pages with bar

Hello. Im new a github. Im making a landing page website at github.

I have a contact form and I want that when they fill it it redirect to another page named like this:

How can I do it? I try to make a new repostory  but it only let me put a subdomain, and I want another page, is there a way to make the subpage in the same repostory?

Thanks in advance.

To make a new url path, you can just simply make a folder in the repository that your page is using. To do that, you should: 1.) Go to your repository, 2.) Click the “Create new file” button, 3.) For the file name, you should type “path/index.html,” in your case, “thankyou/index.html”, and use that folder created for other files as well.

I tried your contact form, and it seems like you got it figured it out. 

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