Adding GitHub workflow to commit check suite


I deploy an application to a Zeit now instance on every commit. That deployment creates a deployment status GitHub event and I am running a workflow that runs end-to-end tests against that deployment. However, the workflow is not added to the GitHub check suite for the commit that is deployed.

Is there a succinct way that I can get it added (and therefore fail the check suite if the tests fail etc)?

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Let me describe your scenario, if there are anything wrong, please feel free to point me out.

You have a workflow to run tests which is triggered by deployment_status event. You want to show the workflow run status in commits checks:

Currently, we use Commit Status API internally with our continuous integration (CI) setup to automatically update the status of every commit on every branch.

It will show push triggered workflow run status.

It is not supported to add deployment_status triggered workflow run status to commit checks.


Is it supported to have ‘deployment’ triggered workflows added to commit checks?

Can I programmatically add it to commit checks by calling APIs?

There is a Github API to Create a status. You can use it to add a status to a commit.

Please see my example:

This is the result, the deployment check was added to checks pop-up with the context you specified in POST body: